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Animedic are pleased to be able to offer a new short-term hire system for the ever-popular Mobile Surgery. Organisations of all types have the opportunity to hire, at a very competitive price, a fully-equipped, fully-operational supreme version of this unit, which presents a myriad of beneficial functions. Think about these possible utilisations:

  • Animal Show - Your organisation wants to display at an organised Dog 
     or Cat show - take Crufts as a prime example. How better to catch the  
     eye of everyone there than to have this impressive vehicle as the centre-
     point to your stand, and it can even be used as a response unit at the
     event should there be an emergency. (This actually happened at The Wag
     and Bone Show, Sandown Park, when a Yorkshire Terrier was badly
     savaged by a larger dog). This is an inexpensive
means of highlighting
     your organisation, and one that is sure to draw the crowds.
  • Interim facilities - Hiring our Mobile Surgery is an ideal solution to the   
     problem of finding interim facilities for your practice in the event of
     refurbishment, relocation, expansion or other building work necessitating
     closure of your main branch. The Mobile Surgery hire facility has previously
     been used by a practice closed by flooding, and it enabled the employees
     to continue working throughout the three month refurbishment period,
     which also prevented the practice from losing its extensive client base.
  • Testing locality - So your practice is ready for expansion, but where is
     the best place to locate your new surgery? Hiring the Mobile Surgery is
     the ideal market research system, as you can place it in a variety of
     potential locations and see which one gets the highest turnover before
     you make any financial commitments. It also raises the profile of your
     practice prior to expansion into a new area, as potential clients become
     familiar with the name and presence of your company and are therefore
     more likely to make use of a new branch.
  • Testing the concept - Is your practice ready for a Mobile Surgery of its
     very own? By hiring an example of what is available to you prior to
     purchase you can iron out any questions you may have, as well as work
     out what we would need to adapt when building a bespoke vehicle for
     your practice. It is a way of testing the market in your locality, as well as
     testing the needs of your employees and clients, and it allows you to
     formulate a clear vision of the way this vehicle will work for you.

And this list is certainly not extensive; there are many more situations which could necessitate the hiring of a Mobile Surgery You can be assured of hiring quality, and of having the strong customer support that Animedic insists upon at all times.

If you are interested in making use of this facility, or should you have any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact Alan Duffield at Animedic.
Green Light Scheme
Over the past six months we have been investigating and querying the legislation currently in place governing the use of emergency warning beacons on specialist vehicles. Our intention is to raise the public profile of the Veterinary Ambulance by having it included in the Green Light Scheme that currently allows doctors to make use of the flashing beacon when en route to and at the scene of an incident.
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