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Animedic's Large Animal Response Unit

In an ever-changing world, it is difficult to keep up with client demands and expectations, provide a safe working environment and keep operational costs to a minimum.

With the new
Animedic L.A.R.U. (Large Animal Response Unit), it is possible to both deliver the standards required and operate cost effectively without compromising the service your practice offers your clients.

Both the Large Animal and the Equine Response versions of this superb utility vehicle are finished with distinctive high visibility graphics, showing the practice details, including address and telephone numbers, as well as the
L.A.R.U. and Veterinary Ambulance logos.

As with all
Animedic products, these liveries are designed to be instantly recognisable, giving the practice limitless advertising and marketing opportunities as well as portraying a professional image.

How many times have you had to fumble about in the dark, in the freezing cold, trying to find that vital piece of equipment?! Or found a tray of vaccines under the seat that has just passed their expiry date? Keeping all your equipment and medicines in old ice cream containers neatly stacked in the boot used to be the norm.

Today, with regulations governing the storage of medicines, this is just not possible.

Other considerations are, of course, the security of your equipment whilst the vehicle is either parked or in motion. Recent crash tests show that when an estate car is involved in a head-on collision at moderate speeds, 30kg of cargo placed in the rear boot area of the car becomes equivalent to the weight of an elephant charging through towards the front of the vehicle.

In most cases the driver and any passengers have been critically, and in some cases fatally, injured. There has been talk by insurance companies of introducing measures to combat claims for personal injury by way of increased premiums and excesses as well as restrictions on cover. The new issue of corporate manslaughter can lead employers and employees open to prosecution and invalidation of insurance claims.

The ideal solution would be a vehicle in which you could store equipment safely, securely, and away from the driver and any passengers, as well as being a mode of transport capable of dealing with all weather conditions and all types of terrain.

Here at
Animedic we believe we have developed the answer to these important issues, in the form of the new L.A.R.U.

Based on the successful range of
Nissan Pick-ups, there are several models available to suit most needs.

The interior of the load area is fitted with the same hygienic chemical-resistant wall and floor lining system fitted to all
Animedic vehicles.

There is a powerful strip light as well as a high-intensity spotlight attached to a long bungy lead and magnetic base, enabling clear vision of any surgical procedures carried out in the field.

All equipment is stowed away in a series of powder-coated steel cabinets and drawers, which are crash-tested and are 100% recyclable.

Above the cabinets are a series of large consumable trays, ideal for holding items used on a regular basis or which need to be accessed quickly.

The cabinets themselves are fitted with robust, high-security locks, ensuring safe containment of any sensitive equipment or medicines.

There is also a collection of drawers, which hold easily removable toughened-plastic service cases. These are large enough to carry most items of essential equipment, such as caesarean kits etc. There are also special clips mounted on either side of the load area interior, designed to hold calving aids and waterproof clothing.

A further addition to this well-appointed utility vehicle is a powerful portable refrigerator. The temperature can be adjusted to suit individual needs, as the refrigerator has a wide temperature range. Its lightweight compact design allows easy removal for security and night storage, and although powered by the vehicle electrical system throughout the day, it can be transferred to the surgery and powered throughout the night by the mains adapter supplied.

The vehicle is powered by an efficient 2.5 litre turbo diesel engine and has both two and four wheel drive capability. The vehicle is well-appointed inside and comes with all the usual comfort and convenience features. The large load area is covered with the famous Truckman top.

If the vehicle is intended solely for practice use then the single-cab version should suffice. If you are likely to occasionally need to carry passengers, the fold-down rear seats in the slightly larger King-Cab model will accommodate. Finally, if the vehicle is required for both work and leisure, the Double-Cab version with four doors is capable of carrying five occupants comfortably.

For further details on this or any other of the extensive, custom built range of
Animedic Vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives.

Animedic… truly the driving force behind your practice
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