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Mobile Surgery

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Animedic's Mobile Surgery

Have you ever asked yourself the questions: “How can I increase my turnover without going to the expense of a branch surgery?” or “How can I make up the deficit caused by the reduction in large animal work?”

With the increasing trend for a reduction of large animal work in the veterinary industry, practices are seeking to supplement their income through the companion animal are of the business.

Animedic have recognised this, and after extensive research with practices across the country, they have come up with what they believe to be the answer: a completely mobile surgery. This has opened up a new dimension in petcare. Why go to the expense of opening a branch surgery, when you can have a surgery in several different areas for a fraction of the cost?

As well as cost, the static branch surgery has more headaches in store: the practice can only service its geographical area, and with more practices springing up on a daily basis, the competition is becoming stronger.

Combine all of these disadvantages to opening a branch surgery with the advantage that a
mobile surgery can offer a service to people who find it difficult to travel to the surgery, such as elderly, disabled, or busy people, and you have the complete answer to all your concerns.

mobile surgery is based around the Renault Master Long Wheel Base High-Roof panel van. It is powered by the latest 2.5 litre DCI Turbo Diesel engine. There are three seats in the cabin, which is comfortable and well-appointed.

There is plenty of room to move about in this
mobile surgery, even with the host of cabinets and equipment strategically built around the load area. There is an abundance of headroom, for even the tallest of occupants. Access to the mobile surgery is via either the twin rear doors or the large sliding door located on the near-side.

The mobile surgery floor and walls are covered with energy-absorbing, chemical-resistant linings, creating a safe and hygienic environment.

At the front of the
mobile surgery is a retail area for displaying pet foods, collars & leads, and various other accessories using the ‘one-stop shopping’ concept. There is a large stainless steel fixing board with numerous hanging attachments. These can be moved around to suit the level of merchandising required. Underneath there is a shelving unit with large removable baskets, making stock replenishment easy, and plenty of concealed storage for further stock.

Located on the near-side of the
mobile surgery is a bank of tough steel cabinets and drawers. As in all of the vehicles we create at Animedic, the units have been crash-tested and are 100% recyclable. Although our mobile surgeries are largely bespoke builds, we have developed this unit as a standardised model, based on research, trials, and liaison with our existing clients.

The units consist of a bank of small consumable trays for dressings and other consumable items, various lockable drawers for instruments, larger storage areas for equipment and removable cases for medicines and other sensitive cargo.

Vaccines and other temperature sensitive items can be stored safely in the built-in refrigerator. This is powered by the vehicle electrical system ensuring contents are retained at a constant temperature. There is a powerful extractor fan already fitted as part of the standard specification, as well as a roof-mounted air-conditioning system which allows for a consistent working temperature to be maintained all year round.

The electric consulting table is stored neatly in the upright position whilst in transit, and can be easily raised or lowered to a desirable working height by way of remote operation. A rubber non-slip mat covers the table to allow consultations to be carried out with ease.

The water system on board supplies both hot and cold water to the sink by way of 65 litre tanks fitted to the under-side of the
mobile surgery, whilst waste water is transferred into a second tank, making sure that no contaminated water is let into the atmosphere. There is a stainless steel sink/tub table, which has a shower-head attachment with a long flexible hose to enable easy cleaning of the table.

Most minor procedures can be carried out away from the practice, but should the patient require hospitalisation then the strong robust stainless steel kennel system will safely transport the client back to base. Located directly above the kennel unit are large removable cat carriers which are held in place by a system of restraint bars ensuring the patient’s safety whilst the
mobile surgery is in motion.

There are a host of options that can be fitted to the vehicle, including a three-sided retractable awning creating an adequate dry waiting area for clients, and an anaesthesia system including piped oxygen and active scavenging to expel any unwanted gases.

This invaluable addition to the
Animedic range gives a highly versatile and cost effective alternative for use in today’s competitive environment.

For further details on this or any other of the extensive, custom built range of
Animedic Vehicles, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives.

Animedic… truly the driving force behind your practice