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Green Light Scheme
Over the past six months we have been investigating and querying the legislation currently in place governing the use of emergency warning beacons on specialist vehicles. Our intention is to raise the public profile of the Veterinary Ambulance by having it included in the Green Light Scheme that currently allows doctors to make use of the flashing beacon when en route to and at the scene of an incident.
A brand new advanced version of the Mobile Clinic recently had its first showing at the “Wag & Bone” show at Sandown Park Racecourse. Thousands of dogs and their owners congregated at the country's biggest dog show second only to Crufts. ...more
Animedic Latest Mobile Surgery makes debut at “Wag & Bone” show
Cats Protection commission Animedic to build their first Mobile Neutering Clinic
Cats Protection has just launched a brand new initiative for 2005. A purpose-built Mobile Neutering Clinic has just taken to the road in a bid to cut costs and offer support to their hospitals and adoption centres....more
Animedic launch new Mobile Surgery hire service for 2005
A brand new service is now available to practices and animal organisations throughout the UK. Animedic are now hiring a fully equipped Mobile Clinic to practices that require a short-term solution. ...more
The Blue Cross deploy Mobile Clinic to aid animal health awareness in Central London
Leading UK animal charity, The Blue Cross, have recently taken delivery of their latest initiative in the form of a Mobile Clinic. ...more
UK's first ever Critical Care Unit takes to the road
Animedic have just completed the UK's first specialist ambulance for companion animals. The vehicle, operated by Kappy, has been designed to allow animals that are critically ill to be transported whilst being monitored by a qualified ParaVet, the equivalent of the human paramedic. ...more
Animedic Latest Mobile Surgery makes debut at “Wag & Bone” show
The latest veterinary fly on the wall documentary has taken to the screens. Set in South Wales the BBC camera crew follow the day-to-day lives of the V.E.T.S. ...more