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Cats Protection commission Animedic to build their first Mobile Neutering Clinic

Cats Protection has just launched a brand new initiative for 2005. A purpose-built Mobile Neutering Clinic has just taken to the road in a bid to cut costs and offer support to their hospitals and adoption centres. When approached, Animedic gladly rose to the challenge. The vehicle is fully equipped to carry out surgical procedures and to provide recovery facilities, for up to 12 cats at any one time. The vehicle took over a month to build by hand and is fitted with furniture of the highest quality. The design of the vehicle is entirely bespoke to the charity's specification. Head of Veterinary Department, Lisa Morrow, together with her assistant Kate Keene, worked with Alchemy's Managing Director Chris Arnold, to design the cutting edge vehicle.

To build a vehicle capable of working completely self sufficiently was no mean feat. The high-tech on-board electrical systems allow the charity to carry out neutering in remote areas of the country, making the service completely versatile. Cats Protection are currently piloting the initiative in the North of the country, and after extensive trials throughout the first half of this year hope to roll out the service to the rest of the country by commissioning up to a further ten mobile units.
Animedic is a trading name of Veterinary Vehicle Solutions Ltd Company Reg. 07911723
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