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UK's first ever Critical Care Unit takes to the road

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Animedic have just completed the UK's first specialist ambulance for companion animals. The vehicle, operated by Kappy, has been designed to allow animals that are critically ill to be transported whilst being monitored by a qualified ParaVet, the equivalent of the human paramedic. The vehicle has been fitted with the very latest monitoring equipment and allows animals to be intubated and oxygenated whilst in transit. The Specialist Animal Veterinary Service (S.A.V.E) will allow animals that are seriously ill to be moved in a safe and clinical environment from practice to hospital, or to a secondary referral practice or veterinary university.

The unit will be based in London and Kappy will be initially working with practices within the city. It is intended that eventually there will be a S.A.V.E Unit in every major city and town throughout the country.
Animedic is a trading name of Veterinary Vehicle Solutions Ltd Company Reg. 07911723
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