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Animedic launch new Mobile Surgery hire service for 2005

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A brand new service is now available to practices and animal organisations throughout the UK. Animedic are now hiring a fully equipped Mobile Clinic to practices that require a short-term solution. Recently, one of Animedic's clients contacted them to see if they could assist them in a predicament. Due to severe local flooding, a practice in Cheltenham found themselves under nearly a foot of water. This forced them to close the practice until firstly the water subsided and then for the insurers to sort out the repairs. After a phone call, Animedic delivered the Mobile Clinic to the practice and the unit was utilised for four weeks whilst the necessary building work was completed. Although the unit is somewhat smaller than the practice itself, it enabled the practice to carry on consultations as normal, with surgical procedures being handled by a neighbouring practice.

mobile clinic has also been on long-term hire with a practice in Cambridge. The practice was in the throws of building a branch surgery when delays occurred within the planning department of the local council. Eager not to disappoint prospective new clients, the mobile surgery was placed on the site to enable trading to commence. Again, although the surgery is equipped to deal with minor surgical procedures, any complicated cases were referred and transported to the main surgery.
Animedic is a trading name of Veterinary Vehicle Solutions Ltd Company Reg. 07911723
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