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P.E.T.S. Ambulance

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Animedic's P.E.T.S Ambulance

In an ever-changing world, there comes a need for a new and innovative approach to business . Pet owners demand high levels of service and value for money , and with the increase in choice to them it is more difficult to gain and service that client base.

Animedic P.E.T.S. (Pet Emergency Transfer Service) Ambulance will help you deliver these required standards and add a completely flexible addition to your practice services.

Based on the highly successful Renault Kangoo LCV, the
Veterinary Ambulance is well-equipped for any situation requiring either a fast response or ordinary day-to-day transport.

Veterinary Ambulance is finished with high visibility graphics , showing the Veterinary Ambulance logo , which is now used nationwide making the vehicle instantly recognisable . In addition to this, the practice details are strategically placed all around the vehicle, giving subtle but maximum advertising exposure all year round .

Veterinary Ambulance floor and interior walling are fitted with a chemical-resistant, energy-absorbing lining , giving the highest levels of hygiene and increased safety in the unlikely event of an accident.

Veterinary Ambulance features large twin side-loading doors for easy access from both sides. Slide back the doors to reveal compact, secure equipment storage areas . The units are attractive and functional, and are secured to the floor by way of a unique fixing system which has been crash-tested . This provides added safety for the driver, ensuring that all equipment is securely stored away during transit. All cabinets are lockable adding increased security for medicines and other sensitive veterinary equipment. This is in addition to the vehicle's remote central locking and immobiliser system.

The nearside equipment storage area consists of a large consumable tray for frequently used items and three removable medicine cases which when placed in the vehicle during the day act as compartmental drawers. These can be easily removed from the vehicle for either home visits or, of course, overnight off-site storage.

Below this cabinet is an area for storing chemicals and clinical waste containers. This has a sliding front cover for safety and security .

To the left of these cabinets is a handwash unit delivering 10 litres of hot and cold water. This is, in most cases, enough for a full working day. Waste water is disposed of by simply tipping the bowl into an upright position; it is then transferred into a receptacle placed at the end of a drainage pipe ready for disposal at the practice.

The offside houses a larger set of drawers designed to hold various types of equipment from caesarean kits for large animal work, to essential instruments and consumables, to small animal equipment. All the drawers have moveable dividers and non-slip matting , helping to protect the contents whilst the
Veterinary Ambulance is in motion.

Located under the drawer unit is a powerful built-in refrigerator. It has a temperature range of +9°c to -18°c, and works well within statutory requirements for the storage of vaccines and other temperature sensitive items. Powered by the vehicle electrical system throughout the day, the fridge also has a mains adapter for use whilst out of the vehicle. This can be used in the practice or at home, maintaining the shelf life of its contents.

The rear compartment of the
Veterinary Ambulance is dedicated to pet transportation. Whether offering a collection and delivery service, inter-branch transfer or hospitalisation as a result of a road traffic accident, the custom-built kennel system will cope with most situations. The robust stainless steel canine unit will house two medium-sized dogs comfortably. Should the need arise to transport one of your much larger clients, simply slide out the partition to create a large secure kennel for the individual. The kennels have built-in insulation , helping to keep the patient warm on its journey.

The kennel area is fitted with adequate ventilation by way of a roof-mounted air-scoop . Air conditioning is available as an additional option should you desire.

Veterinary Ambulance is a cost-effective alternative to a practice car. It has been designed to cope with the day-to-day pressures of practice life, whilst maintaining a professional approach and image .

Here at
Animedic, we constantly strive to bring you quality . Our products are constantly under development and are designed to make life easier.