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P.E.T.S. Transmax P.E.T.S. /
Transmax Kangoo

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Animedic's P.E.T.S Transmax

The world of small animal practices has seen many changes over the last few years. One of the major areas has been the level of service expected from our clients.

As the world gets busier, so do we: school runs, work routines and day-to-day chores make simple things like taking our pets to the vet an arduous task.

Based on the already highly successful
Veterinary Ambulance, this superbly adapted hybrid opens up a whole new world in client service and marketing possibilities.

After exhaustive market research,
Animedic have come up with the perfect solution in the shape of the ingenious new P.E.T.S. (Pet Emergency Transfer Service) Transmax.

With this well-appointed animal transporter, practices can offer a complete package to new and existing clients who find it difficult to attend the practice - such as pensioners and the disabled, and of course people who are just too busy to make the trip.

P.E.T.S. Transmax, finished in white for maximum exposure, carries distinctive, eye-catching graphics showing the practice details and Veterinary Ambulance logo. These have been designed to enhance the appearance of the vehicle and make it instantly recognisable, giving the practice free, round-the-clock advertising space.

The interior of the
P.E.T.S. Transmax has been fitted with the same chemical resistant, energy absorbing wall and floor lining kit featured in the Ambulance. This wipe clean hygienic surface is easy to clean in the event of any leakage and provides a safe environment for any patients in the unlikely event of an accident.

P.E.T.S. Transmax is split into two areas providing ample kennel space.

Access to the rear of the
P.E.T.S. Transmax is via twin asymmetric doors, which can be opened independently to reveal a kennel combination consisting of two spacious stainless steel insulated canine kennels with robust barred doors, capable of carrying two medium sized dogs. However in the event of a much larger animal requiring transportation, a stainless steel partition can be removed and stored alongside.

Should the need arise to carry a much larger patient or one that is simply incapacitated, the large kennel system located in the centre of the
P.E.T.S. Transmax can be utilised. This is accessible through the large sliding doors located on either side of the vehicle. Incorporated within this sophisticated kennel unit is a large stainless steel stretcher, mounted on nylon rollers. This can be easily removed for safe transportation of patients. Once placed back in the vehicle, the stretcher forms part of the floor with no raised areas, maintaining a comfortable environment for the patient.

There are numerous factory-fitted options available, together with a choice of various petrol and diesel engine derivatives including a new common rail 1.5 diesel engine, capable of in excess of 50 miles to the gallon. The vehicle also boasts 18,000-mile service intervals. All vehicles carry a three-year manufacturer warranty.

This superb addition to the
Animedic range brings style, functionality and cost effective patient transport. The bright appearance and distinctive livery will create priceless marketing and advertising opportunities, whilst enhancing the practice’s image and adding a valuable new dimension in customer care.