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Find out about our short-term hire system for the ever-popular Mobile Surgery

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Find links to our clients, such as The Blue Cross, and Cats Protection.

Mission Statement
View our mission statement.

Discover what has been happening with our Animedic vehicles.

News - Animedic Ambulance Features In BBC1 Documentary
How one of our ambulances featured in a documentary on the BBC.

News - Animedic Mobile Surgery Debut
Find out how our PDSA Mobile Surgery went down at the Wag and Bone show.

News - Cats Protection Mobile Neutering Unit
See our Mobile Neutering Clinic, built for Cats Protection.

News - First Ever Critical Care Unit Takes To Road
Equipped with the very latest monitoring equipement, this vehicle will allow animals that are seriously ill to be moved in a safe and clinical environment

News - Green Light Scheme
Read and sign our petition to allow the Animedic vehicles to have green warning beacons.

News - Mobile Surgery Hire
Read about our brand new service, and how we came about creating the Mobile Surgery.

News - The Blue Cross Deploys Mobile Clinic
See how The Blue Cross are using our vehicle as a Mobile Clinic.

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Specialist Vehicles
See our range of specialist vehicles, designed specifically to the needs of the client.

Why you are safe with choosing Animedic

Discover the benefits of having an Animedic vehicle within your practise.

The details and pictures of the vehicles we have converted, including LARU, Mobile Surgery, and the PETS range. Also find out more about Vetsafe.

Vehicles - Dog Wardens
Find out about our highly successful Dog Warden vehicles.

Vehicles - Large Animal Response Unit
The new Animedic L.A.R.U, based on the successful range of Nissan Pick-ups.

Vehicles - Mobile Surgery
Discover how our Mobile Surgery can benefit your practise.

Vehicles - PETS Range
Listing the range of Pets Emergency Transfer Service vehicles, including the PETS Ambulance, Cargo, Taxi, Transmax and Transporter.

Vehicles - PETS Ambulance
Based on the highly successful Renault Kangoo LCV, this veterinary ambulance is well-equipped for any situation requiring either a fast response or ordinary day-to-day transport .

Vehicles - PETS Cargo
Based on the already highly successful P.E.T.S. Transmax, this well-appointed animal transporter can offer a complete package to new and existing clients who find it difficult to attend the practice.

Vehicles - PETS Taxi
Based on the P.E.T.S. Transmax, this pet transporter allows practices to provide delivery and collection of pets to and from the surgery as a recognised service.

Vehicles - PETS Transmax
This hybrid of the successful veterinary ambulance, this vehicle is split into two to provide ample kennel space. And should the need arise the large kennel system located in the centre of the vehicle can be utilised.

Vehicles - PETS Transporter
Based on the popular Renault Kangoo platform, this budget model has all the versatility and style of its counterparts, but at a vastly reduced cost. As with all Animedic P.E.T.S. products, this model is included in the Animal Ambulance Scheme and is therefore Road Fund Licence Exempt.

Vehicles - Vetsafe
Read about our specialist in-vehicle storage solutions, and discover how we can convert your vehicle to accomadate safe and accessible storage units for sensitive items such as medicines and veterinary equipment

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