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Animedic's Vetsafe storage solutions

Animedic have recently been investigating the use of specialist in-vehicle storage solutions for the safe and appropriate carrying of veterinary equipment and sensitive items such as medicines and humane euthanasia items. With the new laws being passed in government regarding the responsibility of the employer to provide a safe working environment for their employees, it is now essential to safe-guard both companies and employees from the dangers of work-place incidents.

New legislation states that if, as a result of an accident, the employee is either critically or fatally injured, the employer is culpable, and could face the new charge of corporate manslaughter resulting in either a heavy fine or imprisonment. The other sting in the tail is that insurance companies will not compensate the injured party if safety has been compromised.

We have developed the solution to this situation for many vets, without having to invest in a specialist vehicle. We now convert the rear compartments of virtually any vehicle to accommodate a diverse range of safe, accessible storage units. These can be tailored to suit individual requirements, and adhere to the same safety guidelines as our ambulances.

We have also developed a range of rear seats that can be fitted to commercial vehicles for those who are not attracted to the luxuries of a company car (and the tax implications that go with it!) but who want to carry passengers on an occasional basis.

Should this be of interest to you, and you wish to discuss it further, then do not hesitate to contact us - we can also give you further advice on the impact of legislation to you as an employer.